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Vitamin C is one of the most sought-after ingredients in the beauty industry. It makes the skin feel refreshed, smoothes the hard lines, and evens out the skin tone, as well as helping the skin produce natural collagen which reduces the signs of aging. But you’ll see hardly any cosmetologist or beauty product companies use it in their formulas, and if you wanted Vitamin C to be used on your skin you would need to visit a medical SPA. It’s because Vitamin C, despite being a perfect beauty product ingredient, is very hard to stabilize and ration. Too much of it can cause skin damage, too little – would have zero effect, and on top of that, it has an extremely short shelf life. That is why companies who dared to experiment with this ingredient start their price range in triple digits.

That’s not the case with BeautyStat Cosmetics. Founded by a beauty industry professional who finally found the key to produce harmless, universal, and long-lasting Vitamin C in beauty products, the company changed the skincare world forever.

What makes Universal C Skin Refiner so special?

BeautyStat Cosmetics patented the unique formula which successfully incorporates Vitamin C into its products, and Universal C Skin Refiner is the result of that. Combined with other anti-aging, skin-nourishing ingredients like L-Ascorbic Acid and EGCG, this product suits everyone’s skin. You can use this serum all year round, day or night, regardless of your age. It is also extensively tested and dermatologically approved, so it’s completely safe to use. The product is made according to all the best industry principles, so if you are vegan, or just care deeply about the environmental and moral impact beauty industry has, then you’ll be pleased to know that Universal C Skin Refiner is cruelty-free and natural. Many customers were left extremely satisfied with this product and you can be, too!

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